PLUS ONE & YOU'RE RICH New and current music for 2019

Following on from her 'Back To Life' Album with consistency and style, the Voted Best Album by UK Soul Chart for 2017  singer songwriter is back in 2019 with her best!!

Following on from the success of singles  "Let Me Be Yours" 'Family' 'Thinking Of You', 'PLUS ONE has already hit #1 status in UK & US Soul Music Independent Charts!!! 

YOU'RE RICH Released 9th August


Back after a short pause but by popular demand, UK songstress Shaila Prospere returns to our airwaves for 2019 with new music. PLUS ONE her first offering out the box was met with global success achieving #1 status in the Soul music charts!!! 

#1 UK Soul Chart, 

#1 Sweet Rhythm Chart 

#1 US Official Indie Soul Chart  

Co-written and produced with HD Productions aka Michael Daley & singer Lukas Setto. Daley producer on her debut Album 'In My Shoes' & Daz Band remix 'Starship'. 

Shaila gives us another offering of her energetic vocal style with New Song 'YOU'RE RICH', An up-tempo track with a feel good factor to lift your spirits and speak to your heart!!  

New Single July 2019

New Single July 2019

'RISE' Shaila Prospere with MS1 Project 2018

'RISE' an Inspirational Uplifting song penned by Shaila for the MS1 Project in 2018

'RISE' an Inspirational Uplifting song penned by Shaila for the MS1 Project in 2018

Shaila Prospere 'Back To Life' 2017

The highly anticipated ‘Back To Life’ album from Shaila Prospere released June 2017 and voted album of the year is a bumper package of quality soul music and incudes UK Soul Chart No 1's singles ‘Let Me Be Yours’ and future classic ‘Family’ and Soul Syndicate mixes of both  tracks. There is an abundance of quality soul and R&B tinged songs, the much loved and sought after title track ‘Back To Life’, which utilises the riff from a Jones Girls classic ‘Who Can I Run To’. A twist on the soul club anthem ‘Thinking of you’, a massive perennial staple originally performed by Sister Sledge. Most of the album has been written by Shaila, and showcases her ability to write great melodies and lyrics. What makes this album so appealing, is the fine balance between well crafted, up-tempo, foot stompers, ‘Love like this’, ‘Break the Chain’ and the Soul Syndicate treatment to ‘That Place’ with its laidback, soothing, soulful house groove, tempered with the intimate haunting melodies of the soul ballad ‘Beautiful’ and the big bass slow jam ‘Don’t Ask Me To Stay’. Another quality album to sit alongside her much loved and successful debut 'In My Shoes' Both offering timeless music enjoyment for the listener!

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Latest News

Paul Miller Soul Show BBC Radio Review 

Paul Miller BBC South Broadcasting House Southampton SO14 7PW United Kingdom 

Family - Shaila Prospere (Rhythm Records) 

More home grown talent, and possibly the release that puts this lady and her great voice in the spotlight, where it deserves to be. 

Shaila has been recording since the 1990’s, with her music being appreciated by her loyal fans, but 2017 looks as though it could be the best year yet, after the success of the single ‘Let Me Be Yours’ and ‘Family’ being released before the former has started to cool off – clever management me thinks! Shaila is putting the finishing touches to her album, but in the meantime, we have this lovely slice of soulful sunshine goodness to be getting on with.Paul Miller BBC Radio 'Family' write Up

SoulJazzandFunk Magazine Review 

Shaila Prospere is an English soulstress who impressed with her first long player, 'In My Shoes'. For whatever reason the album never really took off but with her soulful voice Ms P was never out of work doing sessions and BVs. Earlier this year she enjoyed a higher profile via a couple of tasty singles – 'Let Me Be Yours' and 'Family'. In both original and remix formats the tunes got plenty of plays with commentators drawing comparisons to Beverley Knight. Nowt wrong with that analogy and easy to hear why it was made. Both tunes had that peculiar 80s UK feel though they also bristled with contemporary flavours. 

The good news is that Shaila has just released a new album and it's stuffed with similar soulful sounds. 'Let Me Be Yours' and 'Family' are there, of course and as bonuses you get the Soul Syndicate mixes of 'em too. The mix on 'Let Me be Yours' is particularly strong with samples, we think, of Cheryl Lynn's 'Encore' and Curtis Hairston's 'Morning After'. Sample spotters will also recognize the riff from Jones Girls classic 'Who Can I Run To' on the album title track, a lazy, rolling groove. There's the same feel on the set's most imaginative track – the cover of Sister Sledge's 'Thinking Of You' ... laid back, lovely and very different to the familiar original. The album's other key slower moments are 'That Place', 'Don't Ask Me To Stay' and 'Beautiful'. 

But we think the modern soul crowd will be more impressed with the dancers and with UK soul veterans Everis Pellius and Phil 'Phillo' Nugent at the helm, there are plenty of them. We've already highlighted the two singles; then there's stuff like 'Love Like This' and the very catchy 'Break The Chain' while one of those ballads, 'That Place' also comes, thanks to Soul Syndicate, in a soulful house mix. .. impressive. 

Indeed, overall this is an impressive UK soul collection – offering quality in all departments.SoulJazzandFunk

Blues & Soul Magazine Review 

Just a taste of the total smoothness and lovely sound you'll discover on Shaila's summer 2017 album "Back To Life" which is her first album in 17 years. Produced by Everis Pellius and originally written by Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards (Sister Sledge cover). 

After a long break from recording, having written for other artists projects, Shaila has made a welcome return to the airwaves. 'Let Me Be Yours' was the lead single from her forthcoming album, written by Shaila and production chores courtesy of Everis Pellius and Phil Phillo (Full Crew/Soul Syndicate) the album version leans heavily on the glorious sound of the 80’s with squelching bass, horn stabs and funky guitar riff. The “Soul Syndicate Remix” pays homage to not one, but two 80’s anthems, with more than a hint of Cheryl Lynn’s “Encore” drums, and a sniff of Curtis Hairston’s “Morning After” bassline…Blues&Soul Magazine Article

SoulJazzandFunk Magazine Review 

SHAILA PROSPERE is a Brit soul singer who impressed with her debut album, 'In My Shoes'. Right now she's working on a follow-up and to keep the pot boiling as it were, last month she treated us to a tiny preview via the catchy soul romp, 'Let Me Be Yours'. The modern soul crowd loved it; it was just what they like and love - a throwback to the 80s with a garnish of the totally contemporary. 

Young Shaila is now gearing up for the release of the set's second single, 'Family'. With the same production team (Everis Pellius and Phil Phillo) behind 'Family', you can be sure the modern soul crowd will take this to their collective hearts too. It boasts the same catchy, irresistible ingredients and it augers well for the long payer, which, we're told, is to be called 'Back To Life'.SoulJazzandFunk


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